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“The world hangs on a thread and that (thread) is the psyche of man.” C.G. Jung

Collecting my hair arose out of a grooming practice upon which I roll shed strands into small formations. After a decade of going through the process of creating and discarding the forms, saving the hair began in June of 2006.

Myopic and solitary, this contemplation has created a pathway from the microscopic to the macroscopic: individual to society. Plumbing the subconscious for greater consciousness, introspection leads to the confrontation and knowing of one’s shadow. According to C.G. Jung, individuals need to turn inward and confront their shadow-self in order to avoid projecting it onto others. Without this inner recognition, we fail ourselves and the planet in its entirety.

This ritualistic process transformed into an introspective meditation. Harvesting, studying, scanning and hand-printing the forms, has brought many contemplative moments. An introspective journey, it became clear that the process and resultant work serves as a personal memento mori.

Jill Fitterer

printstallation by Jill Fitterer and Laura Berman
garden detail: Converging Collections: Imprints Celebrated Through the Process of Gathering