portfolio > 2009

This exhibition gathers together in celebration and collaboration a harvest of our unique personal collections. Physically these collections are amassed of animal and mineral matter– but to us the hair and rocks are collections of prints. A rock holds an impression that depicts its own origin, while the DNA imprint held in each strand of hair maps a specific individual.

Printmaking and science are related by iterative practices, and in this context we consider this work to be an interdisciplinary practice. In contrast to the influence of technological advances in the printmaking field, this exhibition directs the viewer to the humble yet equally important origins of print– as a culture of harvesting, recording, examination and recreation.

Jill Fitterer, Boise State University
Laura Berman, Kansas City Art Institute
United States of America

IMPACT 6, International Multidisciplinary Printmaking Conference
University of the West of England, Centre for Fine Print Research, Bristol, UK

printstallation by Jill Fitterer and Laura Berman
Converging Collections: Imprints Celebrated Through the Process of Gathering
Hand-printed laser engravings, digital stickers