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In 2013, I was selected to be an artist-in-residence by the National Park Service at Isle Royale National Park. Spending three magical weeks in a historic cabin on remote Scoville Point, I savored the solitude, began to sense the rhythm of Island life and fell in love with Lake Superior, the lichen, black spruce forest and rocky coast line. I never missed the lack of internet connection or cell phone service. Hauling buckets of water to the cabin, tending to the daily chores were so welcome. Tending a fire all day while the weather raged outside allowed for time to draw and write, time to dream and play the banjo. I even wrote a couple of new songs in the cabin.

etching, chine colle, printmaking, Isle Royale National Park Artist-in-Residence
Gem Isle Variation for National Park Service
This is the work that I gave to the park in return for my experience.