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This iteration of Hairstory-Herstory was made with the aim of creating an immersive experience for the viewer. Silk gauze was selected as the primary material for its strength and translucency. Mirroring the path of healing, the silk is generated from a being in metamorphosis, the silk worm. Multiple layers of gauze create the illusion of suspended, rising and falling hair.

The process of creating the screens was one of direct exposure. The prints are literal shadows of women's hair. The symptoms and side effects of trauma were used as visual strategies in the work. The repeated hair forms evoke hyperreactivity and recurring memory.

The layers of fabric and hair relate to the peeling of the mind and soul that occurs during the process of healing. Contemplative and ethereal, the silk undulates as people move through the space.

The space is filled with Screenprinted hair on silk, silk gauze creating a space of veiling,  unveiling and protecting.
Installation with screenprint on silk gauze.