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Collection has been an integral component of my artistic practice since 2002. First it was cigarette lighters collected on daily waterline walks in Long Beach, California. Upon moving to Idaho, I began saving small hair samples from my comb in the shower. I was intrigued by the ambiguous nature of the rolled hair. It evoked nests, nerves, clouds.

As I amassed the collection over six years, I realized it was a never ending process of accumulation. I continued collecting my hair through my mother's battle with multiple myeloma. The day my Mom passed away, February 20, 2011 was the final day that I saved my hair. Shaving ones' head or cutting off ones' hair can be a gesture and ritual of grief. The deliberate end to the collecting was a personal gesture that marked the beginning of my grief. The collection of my hair transformed into the project Shed which led to the Hairstory-Herstory project.