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The origin of my work is rooted in existential questions regarding the nature of memory and human emotion. Trauma’s impact on the brain and the body remains a subject of particular interest. Related ideas include: dreams, night terrors, the subconscious, the after-life, spirit, death and near death experience. Etching Into Existence tangentially explores these ideas through the process of intaglio and monoprint.

Intended to offer solace and refuge, the work features several repeated characters, from individual patches of lichen to various familiars. Employing multiple pieces of hand-drawn, etched copper, the plates were manually created and printed with an etching press. The glacial pace inherent to etching mirrors the slow growth of lichen. The lag that exists from the initial impulse of an idea to its existence as a finished work is often years in the making. The time lapse offers many opportunities for enrichment and development of the creative process and serves as a key element in my artistic practice.