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Hairstory – Herstory addresses the basic human rights of women and girls with regard to freedom from sexual assault, child sexual abuse and battery. Establishing partnerships with the Women’s and Children’s Alliance, Boise, Idaho, USA, Proyecto 'ace and the Centre Arminda Aberastury, Buenos Aires, Argentina, the artist co-led a series of workshops, which gathered writing, audio recordings and hair to create the exhibition. The project gives voice to a community of women whose common shared experiences often leave them silent and isolated.

The project was hosted under the auspices of Subgerencia Operativa Asuntos Culturales (Cultural Affairs Council) of Buenos Aires, Ministerio de Cultura (Ministry of Culture) and Gobierno de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires (Autonomous City of Buenos Aires Government). It is supported by the Arts and Humanities Institute, Division of Research and Economic Development, The College of Arts and Sciences, The Art Department and International Learning Opportunities of Boise State University.

Photo: Pato Parodi

Jill AnnieMargaret, Social Practices, Printmaking, Printmaker, Jill Fitterer
Hairstory - Herstory