• In Victoria Chang's poem, Starlight,1962, she eloquently expresses the importance of zooming out to gain perspective. “Suppose the stars are just our grief reflected back to us, proof that grief sometimes forgets its source. That it can find dead things no matter how distant. Everyone arrives one day and asks, is this it?”

    I’ve found myself asking this for a while.The reorganization of this website is one attempt to zoom out. Viewing my work from the vantage point of starlight, varied streams of thought continually converge and diverge. Some of the streams are trauma and healing, social justice and conservation, identity and memory, community, collection and story. While seemingly disparate, they braid together like a vast river or locks of hair, merging, blending, growing and flooding. My grief, shame, pain, hope and love flow through the braided streams. While clear articulation in words often fails, the essence resides in the traces of my hand flowing into, over and through the material.

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